The Handmade Gift Guide

28 Aug

I was graciously asked to be part of The Handmade Gift Guide team with a couple of other amazing spirited crafters! The HMGG is an online presence/blog and showcase for everything that is hand made and crafty…from the unusual to the very reserved, we are devoted to making the looking experience as fascinating as possible…or you wouldn’t even bother right? So we’re working hard to stimulate your senses, get your creative juices flowing and feeding you delicious eye candy!

I am pretty excited, I mean, I get to interact with so many new crafters, makers and designers…and that’s the type of interactions I love to make so stay tuned for upcoming blog posts from me on Thursdays on The Handmade Gift Guide Blog!


Win This!

26 Aug

Guess what, bummies… I’m doing a giveaway! That’s right!  You could win This Wool Ruffle Hairband, made from a neck tie, just in time for Fall!

Here’s how:

Simply go to my Etsy page, and post/link your favourite item from my shop on this posts comments. That’s it!

Winner will be determined by Midnight on Friday!


You must not have entered a past giveaway through Handsome&Lace

Must live or having shipping address in Canada or the US

You must be super cool

A Tokyo Police Club Habub

23 Aug

So, I am making customer guitar straps for Tokyo Police Club! I know, right??!!! Probably one of the coolest things I’ve done to date!

Well I originally I had made them , they were still hand made with neck ties, but at the time, I was only using 1 tie, like so…

This time, I decided to step it up for the boys and created a guitar strap from two ties making it reversible, and much thicker and better for the Fall/Winter season.

Check out my first finished reversible strap!

I am thinking of adding these to Etsy for both men and Women!

I’ll add more pics of all 3 once they are done! and I really hope the boys love them and use them and request more!


What’s behind a creative mind?

13 Aug

First of all, what is the definition of Creative?

The Online Dictionary describes it as follows:



having the quality or power of creating.


resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative: creative writing.


originative; productive (usually fol. by of ).


Facetious . using or creating exaggerated or skewed data, information, etc.: creative bookkeeping.

But there is more to being creative than just words, and that is the power of creativity. It is almost another sense of it’s own that you can’t see or put into exact words. Reserachers have been trying for years to put creativity into terms. So far this is what I have found…

In creativity research, we refer to the three Bs—for the bathtub, the bed and the bus—places where ideas have famously and suddenly emerged. When we take time off from working on a problem, we change what we’re doing and our context, and that can activate different areas of our brain. If the answer wasn’t in the part of the brain we were using, it might be in another. If we’re lucky, in the next context we may hear or see something that relates—distantly—to the problem that we had temporarily put aside.-Info from Time magazine researcher , psychologist R. Keith Sawyer

I find I think best when I’m watching movies. I get inspired by the 30’s and start designing…but being creative or thinking creatively comes different to different people.

What are some habits of a creative person?

Photo by erinen31

I can usually spot creative people from a mile away. They give themselves away through descriptive hand gestures when they talk to create a more vivid image in your head. Even wearing vibrant colours on a daily basis could hint to a creative mind. Most creative people are inspired by colours and textures so they dress as well.  I notice other traits, like being slightly neurotic, overly anxious, or sensitive to voice tone or negative vibes. Creative people pick up on things very quickly, because their senses are working a little harder than the typical non-creative person.  I also see some slightly obsessive behaviour in creative persons. My mother and her siblings are all very creative but have a slight obsessive notion about them. My mother was always fanatic about threads and stitching. She would often look at garments very closely and look through each one until she finds a piece without any flaws, then she gets home and needlessly scours the garment for any loose threads. My brother is also very creative and has a similar trait. He will sit and stare intensely at the shoes he just bought or the food he is about to eat for minutes on end.  I also see this around the craft field…other crafters I have met are slightly obsessive about something…This is not a bad things, because our obsessive behaviour will make us perfectionist in our fields.

I personally find that my creative ambitions are very related to my emotional attachment to things.  I am attached to kind and gentle nature, so I love silver screen movies where the morals were much more innocent and in turn I feel attached to those movies, and the era. A lot of my own personal designs are stemmed from the 30’s and it gives me a sense of relief. An I must make this feeling runs through my body when I think of a new design and I just can’t stay calm until I have fully executed it.  There is always a sense of urgency with me and the things I make. I have to make it now, I have to see it come to life! Making plans to leave the house is even a struggle because I will be away from my sewing machine and materials. What if I come up with a new design and forget? What if someone beats me to it?…what if someone needs a custom order and I’m not there to receive it? All of these things give me motivation, and excitement when creating. Again my neuroses is working in my favour because I get things done, and try new designs all the time!

Tell us! What are some creative traits that you encounter on a daily basis? Do you spot them in other people or do you spot them in yourself?

27 Things…

10 Aug

So today is my 27th Birthday and even though I certainly feel like I’m still 17 there are a lot of things that I have done in my 27 years on this earth and I’d love to share!

Here they are!

1) I have done Stand Up Comedy at Yuk Yuks in Toronto

2) I started my own accessory business-Handsome&Lace

3) I met the love of my life, Ryan

4) I won a photography contest at the age of 12 and was featured in an exhibit in the States for it!

5) I once told Taye Diggs that he couldn’t use the Baton Rouge Washrooms because they were for customers only…but then I realized who he

6) I once had dinner with Matthew (lead singer ) of Nada Surf…just before he went into concert

7) I came inches from dying 4 times in my life

8) I took my G2 driving test with my friend in the trunk because it was her car that I was using and didn’t feel right about driving it without her there. I totally went over a curb…but I got my G2! The funniest part is when I opened to trunk to tell her I passed, she looked up at me as if it was the first time she had seen light.. And she had a pillow in there..She could have been napping in there come to think of it.

9) I moved to Toronto by myself with no job lined up or family here on a whim in 2004.

10) I once died my hair bright pink and wore bright pink glasses and had bright pink sneakers (I’m not proud of this one but it only lasted a few month)

11) I once put white-out on everything in mothers closet because I was mad at her and knew she owned nice things.

12) I have pretty much dabbled in most creative outlets and plan to do more dabbling

13) I can draw very well but only realistic drawings…I can’t draw a cartoon to save my life!

14) I overcame social anxiety on my own

15) My Handsome&Lace hairbands made it to The Nation Post!

16) I learned to have total confidence in myself and my ability to succeed. Probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever come to grips with ! I used to dream about it as a kid.

17) I have had and lost 3 cars in my lifetime. I was proud of having each one of them!

18) I realized how important comedy is to my life and how much I love to laugh

19) I got a job working with these two ladies who make brilliant hairbands for Holt Renfrew and Le Chateau

20) I got diabetes

21) I survived many childhood tragedies

22) I’ve made poop slippers complete with buzzing flies

23) I’ve had a Super Crest in a back alley…this is something every teen has probably

24) I’ve quit smoking

25) I’ve adopted this can-do attitude that seems to be working itself out nicely

26) I have learned to hate the TTC and is one reason why I try so hard to work from home

27) I made it this far!

The Trap Door

8 Aug

I just got back from dropping off some Handsome&Lace to Trap Door Boutique in the junction!

Here are some reason to go!

1) It is located in the Junction, and if you haven’t been to The Junction in a while, you should go! Plan your next next shopping day around it! You will discover a whole new art community with lots of fresh produce and locally hand made things for you to feel proud about. The junction is a very social community, so you’ll never feel out of place!

2) The Trap Door carries a great and rare selection of things from Stocking…

To Indie necklaces…

To New Things from me!

3) The Junction Arts Festival is coming up and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the newest things for fall!

Things I am grateful for…

6 Aug

I feel like I need to constantly be aware of the great things  or my life will become meaningless…so here are some things I am grateful for right now…what are you grateful for?

1) Having the best boyfriend in the world who happens to be my very best friend! He is such a sweetheart and always tries to make my life a little better each day. I am very grateful for him!-Part B of this is getting the family that comes along with him. His family has been such a natural connection for me and I love every single one of them!

2) Having an eccentric mother. My mother is an exotic dancer and still talks and conducts her personal life like a saint. I love that she’s completely neurotic. It’s like home to me! She has taught me to rise above the ugliness and to “kill them with kindness”

3) Being born into a creative family. My mothers side is jam packed full of creative family members! From art, to music, to architecture to graphic design…each one of my mothers siblings is creative in more than 1 way. I will forever be grateful for having this gene!

4) Landing a job with the ladies who design for Holt Renfrew and Le Chateau. I have learned a lot from being there 3 days a week! Things that have helped my business become a little more fine tuned.

5) My close friends. I love them so much because they are always supportive and never negative in my direction!

6) Chicken! I crave it every day and dream of it smothered in BBQ sauce…yet another sauce I am grateful for!

7) Ties! I wouldn’t be as enthused about designing if there wasn’t a challenge to make ties into so many different things!

8 ) My name. I used to hate because it was different and wanted to change it to something more popular, but I’m grateful that I kept it because I truly love my name now.

9) I am also grateful for people with a great sense of humor! Laughing makes my life full of joy so if I can share that with people then I’m happy as can be!

10) I am grateful for any bad things in life because they shaped me to be the person I am today. I would never ever wish it upon anyone else but for the sake of my happiness I feel that my poor past has somehow contributed to my success as an adult!

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to appreciate what you have!